Final reminder before the Season starts.

By Mark Rowlatt

The 2020-2021 Season is almost upon us and here are a few reminders before we start.

All clubs should by now have their COVID Officers and Risk Assessments in place.
Following last weeks addition to the guidelines all Clubs should now have a QR Code poster for their venue.

The QR posters will make life easier if all players, spectators and officials can scan the QR Poster before any game. This is the poster for the home team. [b]Not the venue such as Newbold Comyn or Harbury Lane.[/b] Each Poster is unique to the club/ground. Therefore if Test and Trace need to contact you, they will not be including the dog walkers and teams using other pitches and from different days if you scan the home sides Poster.

Your normal Risk Assessment guides are still required and that includes the 5 questions and temperature testing if that is in your RA.
If for WHATEVER reason the QR code poster is not used then you MUST resort to the paper records in line with the Government Test and Trace requirements. (These can be destroyed after 21 days)
Results are to be posted onto the Whattsapp groups as soon as possible please as usual.

Clubs also have a legal requirement to notify the League if any player or official or spectator is required to self isolate for any reason, or is confirmed as COVID positive.

With all of that covered , fingers crossed we are able to get on with some football.

A minutes silence please before all games on Sunday in memory of Mick Brady, Vice President of this League for many years, and a true legend in local football.

Where next?

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League Vice President Mick Brady. It is with great Sadness that we have to inform you that Mick Brady, a long standing friend to many and Vice President of this League has passed away.

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