Leamington and District Sunday Football League

16th October 2020


Management Committee - Tuesday 10th November 2020 at 7.45 p.m.
Council of Clubs - Tuesday 17th November 2020 at 8.00 p.m. Further details will be issued later.

Players Registrations.

Rule 18A(i) A signed registration form must be received by the Registration Secretary two (2) days prior to playing and whose completed registration counterfoil has been received by the club prior to playing.If the counterfoil has not been received the club may check with the Registration secretary whether the player can play.
Rule 18A(ii) A registration form may be completed on a match day prior to playing. Such form to be countersigned by an official of the opposing club, not the Referee.
It is possible to sign only TWO (2) players per match under rule 8B(ii).
The player shall not again play until the club is in possession of the completed counterfoil.


Rule 20F A club may use five (5) substitutes in any match in this competition. A player who has been substituted himself becomes a substitute and may replace a player at any time.


Please read Rule 23 (B) in the case of non-appearance of appointed referee.
If your referee does have to cancel then please contact league Referee Secretary to check on any available referees.
Should the referee cancel and you rearrange a replacement please ensure you let the Referees Secretary know.


Hampton Magna Secretary's address: Corner House, Main Street, Adlington, Evesham, WR11 7XB
Referee Andy Brooks. Telephone: 07711 405688 (Mobile); 01926 858437 (Home); Email: andyheather19@gmail.com
Referee Conrad Condua Telephone: 07547 366488 (Mobile); Email: conrec99@hotmail.uk

100 Club Draw October

1st. No.6 Castle Rangers £25.00
2nd No. 26 Princethorpe £15.00
3rd No. 29 Radford Albion £10.00


The following list shows players that are currently on the Whole Game System as being under a Birmingham County suspension. If you register any of these players please ensure they serve their suspension and you notify the B.C.F.A. in advance of the fixtures the player(s) will be missing.

Player Playing For Date On Suspended For Date From
Dale Phillips Stockton 04/01/2015 3 matches 18/01/2015
James Shutt Kineton S&SC 24/03/2019 8 matches 02/06/2019
Mervin Hammond Stockton United 28/04/2019 3 matches 24/06/2019
Joseph Burn Bishops Tachbrook 29/09/2019 2 matches 06/10/2019
Matthew Billy Princethorpe 09/02/2020 3 matches 16/02/2020
Neil Stacey Westlea Wanderers 16/02/2020 1 match 23/02/2020
Ryan Knotts Bishops Tachbrook 23/02/2020 2 matches 01/03/2020
Thomas.Scott VTS Warwick 02/09/2018 1,825 Days 22/11/2019
Jordan Dance Warwick Printing 04/10/2020 3 matches 11/10/2020
A.Boulton Harbury Albion 04/10/2020 1 match 11/10/2020
Joseph Burn Bishops Tachbrook 11/10/2020 3 matches 18/10/2020
Luke Ransley Leamington Hibs Res 11/10/2020 3 matches 18/10/2020

Below is a copy of a statement issued by the Nuneaton & District Sunday League. Please ensure that your players follow the Covid 19 guidelines.


Covid-19 - Issues at Game played this Morning !
It as been reported to us that a player who took part in one of our games yesterday has subsquently TESTED "Positive" for Covid-19, not withstanding that he failed to inform his Club he had been tested, and as such they were unaware of the situation.
The player as been Suspended by the NDSFL until the end of the Season.
Given this information, games involving the two teams concerned, have been called off for next unday (October 18th), and a deciscion on further sanctions are under consideration.
The NHS have been asked, what would be the possible risks to other players, spectators and the referee. Only the players or anyone coming into close contact with the player testing positive, which would involve all of the HOME Team and anyone on their side of the pitch should seek advice?
We were told the RISK level for all others would be LOW, as the the game was in an open space.
The player concerned has to notify test and trace of his positive result.

Anyone contacted by (Track and Trace) as a 'contact' should isolate for 14 days. Anyone seeking a test should not come into contact with anyone until they receive the result.

Steve Falp, General Secretary

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