A course worth doing!

By Mark Rowlatt

All players should be aware of this and its a skill worth knowing whether you are playing football or out shopping or at home.

The following is an email from the FA.

Make sure you're prepared. Take the Sudden Cardiac Arrest course on The Boot Room
We would like to remind clubs about the Sudden Cardiac Arrest course available freely on the Boot Room.

Unfortunately, a sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. This learning is designed to help you to recognise an SCA and respond appropriately.

You can access the course here.https://link.service.thefa.com/u/nrd.php?p=36GTEweNee_4350_1313782_1_3&ems_l=1755560&d=MTAzODQ2ODM0%7CMzZHVEV3ZU5lZQ%3D%3D%7C&_esuh=_7_e2770706207423a8bb53b4d8a0b70c52006ba2c58cc02bd52094aea729fcd103

We are also pleased to confirm clubs can continue to purchase life-saving iPAD SP1 defibrillators for the special price of £750+VAT (usual cost £1325+VAT).

The IPAD SP1 is a nominated unit of the British Heart Foundation and is support by the NHS Ambulance service.

Please register and purchase your defibrillator below.

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